Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cheap crafty stuff haul

Craft supplies can be quite expensive.
If, like me, you're trying to keep the cost of a card down, you might find this haul video quite exciting.
Action, Zeeman textiel supers, and Wibra are small warehouse type shops you can find dispersed around Europe.
They have small craft sections and their stock changes quickly, some stores might not even carry them, if so please don't get upset with me ;-)
Grab supplies while they last , some come back in stock, some are one offs.
A few items on this haul I bought a while ago and I don't remeber their price, others I have listed in the video. All stuff is under 2 euro!
In the photo you see shaped confetti type sequins and "normal" sequins , I didn't have that bright yellow and purple hue yet, they have more varieties, also seedbeads and little clothes pegs at Zeeman, the sequins in the photo 59euro cents and the fun shaped rhinestone stickers 79 euro cents, they come in this multi colored pack or one color packs,I thought this to be the smart choice, not having to buy every color family...but I  might go back tomorrow lol...

As always I don't have any links or affiliates with these shops, but I thought you might like to know about these gems esp the sequins I find are a good bargain, Wibra has them too btw I think they're 79cents there.

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