Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Esselte/Leitz A5 size U pockets to store stamps and dies

I Have now switched to these, much sturdier pockets from Esselte/Leitz.

There's 100 in a box and I got 4 to get the free shipping, enough for the rest of my crafting life I suppose.

These pockets have no flaps, but a thumb notch so it's easy to get into them.
I don't need the flap as I do n ot intend to store my pockets upside down, don't know why anyone would ;-)
I can perfectly fit 2 rows of these pockets in this one bin.
I have a smaller bin dedicated to just my Lili of the Valley stamps, as they already come in nice pockets.
And also a smaller bin for my dies.
The extra boxes I've stored underneath these bins.

I bought them here, at an Office supply  store(Viking Direct) rather than craft store

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