Monday 23 November 2015

Paperclay ornaments: share handmade kindness week 4: strangers

These paperclay ornaments are easy to make, super cute in a tree ( I don't have one) and to handout or as placecards.
Maybe stocking fillers,  can you think of more?

I've made a video with step by step guides.

I ddin't seal mine (yet) as they're still drying, but I would advise to do so as the clay dries hard, but also softened again when I appplied the Distress spray stains, because of all the moisture.

I definetely love this mermaid lagoon with wilted violet the best and lots and lots of gold glitter spray ;-)

I will hand out a few to delivery people that brave the cold weather and especially the one that has to  carry up to my flat (2nd floor no lift) all the Christmas food shopping I have delivered if I'm cooking that year. I can order it online and the super nice supermarket brings it af far as the kitchen counter, they're not allowed tips so I try to slip them a candybar and a card and one of these as well.

For more information on the Share handmade kindness campagne, see this