Thursday 18 February 2016

Mentos mini sweets rolls triangular giftbox

I'm not sure if you can buy these Mentos outside of the Netherlands. But then it's just to show you how to make a triangular box, you can adapt all the sizes, this box is 2 inches high and a little under 1"3/4 in with.
In the video I show you how to build two boxes, one with a pattern  that doesn't matter how you cut the paper and one with image you want upright on the box.

I am making these little giftboxes, together with another version for a birthday party for a friend's son.
Just a little something the kids can take home.

These boxes are glued shut, I tried to make a lid, but it wouldn't stay closed, It would involve an different pattern.
I reckoned kids wouldn't care and would tear open these boxes like there's no tomorrow ;-)

You can put anything in these little boxes, I prefer using treats that are packaged individually for hygiene and safety reasons.
But little gumballs, easter eggs, Skittles, M&M's would perfectly go in this box.

You can decorate further with a thank you tag, ribbon and such, I am doing this off camera.

To make the box you need a piece or (patterned paper) 5"3/8 wide by 4"3/4 high.
If your pattern has to be "legible" or the right way up make sure it's positioned horizontally or right way up on the long side.

On the longside score at: 1/2 inch, 2"1/8 and 3"3/4
then turn and score on the short side at: 1"3/8 and 3"3/8 

I eyeballed the center of each square to cut my traingles, it's not really important, if you want it to be precise, measure, it's too difficult for a metric girl ;-) sorry

Cut away the parts as shown in the drawing and glue the parts as indicated. I used double sided tape.

the pattern is not 100% to scale as my grid is in centimeters

make sure your pattern is the right way up like my flowers...

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