Thursday, 28 July 2016

Swatching out watercolor with Talens ecoline, with video

I've made downloadable lists,
two filled in and one empty, your can print twice for 48 colors in the Talens Ecoline range.

I have 39 of the colors, but included them all for future buys, I might get them all in the end.
In the lists there are three columns (i call the rows in the video) for different kinds of papers you might have. I made one for cold pressed, hotpressed and "cheap" paper).
As it's a Word document, you can change everything, or start with an empty one, per instance if you want to swatch out your Distress inks, Zig markes, or Spectrum Noir aqua markers or any other brand of watercolors you  might have.

If you only have one kind of paper, you might also just use the grid and draw it on the actual paper.
But this way you use less expensive paper and you get three swatched on one sheet.

Make sure to rinse your brush very  well when switching from color to color, you don't want to contaminate the pots.

I use a big brush that fills in the itte squares in one pass, but you can use a waterbrush too, if you want to see how the colored fade out. i think these swatches are a bit too small for that.

For me it's more to see how the colors dry on hot pressed and or cold pressed paper and to get the ture color.
The color on the pot matches quite well, but not my printed list, you can also download for free on the Talens website.

I put the swatches in numerical order, on the Talens list they're sorted differently, I found this easier, but again, you can change everything if you want. Only change I made was to add the number 800 for gold after the 400 series, as there was one spot left, and I wanted all the 500series together on one sheet.

When done, please fixate the colors with a spray as they will reactivate if you splatter water on them whilst working on something. I put them in protective sheets in my ringbinder that hold all my swatches, from paper, to inks, to Copic and Spectrum markers, everything all in one place ;-)

So to download, please message me via facebook then I can send them via an attachement through messenger. I cannot make Dropbox work anymore.

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