Thursday 3 December 2015

Tiniest Christmas treats box 1 and1/4" square

tinie, tiny, tiniest and cutest  little box.
Made from a sheet op cardstock measuring
5 1/2"x 4 1/8"
and yes it's inches weirdly enough for an European ;-)
my WRMK (we R memory keepers) scorboard, although it has centimeters on it, works best in inches.
So forgive me.

The box finished measures appr. 1 1/4" all around and fits three Christmas chocolate treats I found at Action today, but they might be available elsewhere.
they come in a net with about a dozen sweets in it from BeDo  imex b.v.
The cardstock I used are European A5 size paperblocks and these are from Wibra, but they're also available everywhere, although sizes vary slightly.

You can also use scraps the right size.
These paper block from Wibra are very cheap and you can tell, there wasn't a square edge on any sheet, but for this box is really didn't matter as you cut off a lot of the (wonky) sides.
Using paper with an all round pattern and not a specific direction will make your life easier!

I make two versions in my video to show you the process.

See the pattern, to learn more about which bits to cut off, notch, glue etc.

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  1. These cute tiny boxes look adoreable Maaike, well done ;) Viv xx