Wednesday 29 March 2017

Double jumbotealight box, with video and patten

For the box you need a piece of paper that is 5"7/8 by 10", so you can get two out of one sheet of 12x12".

On the long side you score at: 1 3/4, 4.1/8, 5 7/8 and 8 1/4 inch.
On the short side you score at: 1 3/4 and 4 1/8 inch.

Then you fold en reinforce the score lines.
Cut and notch the small squares on top and bottom, and glue it together like in the video.
I use hot glue,but you can use liquid glue and or sticky tape.
I like the hot glue the best as it gives a little wiggle time but then it's glued stuck in seconds, with liquid glue you have to hold it a while and I don't want to ;-)
I use ribbon or a scrap of cardstock as a belly band so you can slide it off to open the box. Embellish with twine or in my case glass beaded string and flowers or anything you fancy.
I thought the box paper was pretty enough and really didn't need anything, but for video purposes I wanted to show you how to.

Pattern is not 100% exact

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