Sunday 30 July 2017

Cherryliquor bonbon giftbox

Today I'm making little giftboxes or party favors if you like.
The finished box is 2,5"x2"x1'1/8
For it you need a piece of paper measuring  7 3/8 x 4 3/4 making sure your pattern is the right way, see flower scribbles on the plan, the notch on the left is the top.
You can get two boxes out  of one sheet of 12"x12"paper and you'll have some scraps for tags or matching card mats.

Score on the long side at: 1"1/8, 2"1/4, 4"1/4 and 5"3/8
Score on the short side at: 1"1/8 and 3"5/8

Fold and reinforce the score lines,
Cut as shown on the plan. Notch the lid as shown on plan/video.
Then, using hot glue, start to put the box together, see the video on how you get the best result.

If you like you can use a gluedot to keep the flaps of the lid from parting and then you can tie a ribbon around the box. The box doesn't need the ribbon to stay  sclosed, but it looks much more festive that way ;-)

I'm not sure you can get these cherryliqour bonbons everywhere, But i'm sure there's similar treats that would fit in a 2.5"x2" box...

The plans are not 100% accurate, I did draw it in  realsize, but I have some crooked lines and I;m not sure how the scanning affects the plans, so please just use it as reference or make your own with my measurements.

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