Sunday 23 July 2017

Zig like markers from Aliexpress

I saw these and ordered them just because I was curious.
I am willing to try something to see if they work and it paid off. I got the 14/16 set. 
I got 16 the url says 16, the title of the advert said biggie..

These markers came individually wrapped and I saw  other adverts selling them per one for less than 1 euro.
The have a real brush on them with individual hairs,  not like felt. The brushes are really soft an pliable and perfect for handlettering or calligraphy, I'm not very goot at that.

But my main drive was to watercolor with them, and I thought this smallish set would give me enough range.

The packaging is all in Chinese and I can't see a numbering system or alike, the icons all look the same. Pretty gold printing on the barrel and see through cap, cap end in color of the marker.

I swatched them in the video on Bristol smooth and Schut coldpressed watercolor paper and they worked great. Not so much on the cheaper watercolor paper, that's too absorbent.
I used a brush and water and I was happy at how the washed out and the gradient they gave, also how they blend on the papers and into each other.
You can also scribble a bit of ink on a block and pick it up with your brush.
Also did a little direct on stamp coloring and well it was a bit small to tell for sure but it seems to work well on that too, I huffed and I sprayed water, the spray might have been a bit too much water for the Bristol paper.

All in all I like them, certainly for the price and I will play some more with them and get to know them better and then feature them again, I'm sure.

I don't expect them to be refillable, but being available openstock replacing the empty ones is not costly, mine arrived in less than two weeks, but  it might take longer.

Link to the shop I got them is here