Sunday 28 January 2018

Garden bugs fridge magnets, with giftbox and video

I showed you the magnets sheets in a haul video, and said I wasn't going to use them to make magnets, just for organizing my dies. But then I made magnets lol...

Mostly because I was curious as how the different glues would hold up under the glass cabochons.

You can get these glass domes pretty  much anywhere, mine where from the home decor section and came in a mixed bag, which was a shame as I only need the clear ones, but hey...I cleaned them with some rubbing alcohol, to make sure there's no residue that might make the glue not stick, just a precaution.

I used: Ranger texture paste transparent gloss, Ranger Glossy Accents, Collal tacky glue, Aleene's fast grab tacky glue, Decor Art Liquid glass and Tombow mono multi liquid glue.

The last one is repositionable ans was still tacky after letting it dry all night, so I wouldn't recommend that one, but they all dried up nice and clear and are a strong hold as far as I could tell. I used some Nuvo Shimmer pen on the green bugs as I like how glossy accents amplifies the glitter, but I think squishing the glass down, kinda smooshed out all the glitter as I couldn't find much of it, except on the sides.
Hey it's all part of the experiment!

To make the bugs I traced the glass shaped onto Crafter's Companion Neenah paper and colored them with alcohol markers. I do recommend alcohol, as I think water based markers might reactivate with the wet glue, haven't tried it, but it's a gut feeling :-D
If you do, tell me if it works .

Cut out the shaped then glued the glass on top. and let it dry all night.
In the morning I cut the magnet sheet to fit the glass domes and after trimming the paper I stuck the magnet sheet down and trimmed again, I guess you could do it in one go, I just didn't ;-) My head is still heavy from the flu.

Then I glued googly eyes on top, I used the Aleene's fast grab tacky glue for it as I found the glossy accents didn't work as well.

For the box you need a piece of paper  that is 3,5"high and 3, 3/8" wide. Make sure if you have a directional pattern it's like in the pattern (flowers right side up).

Score on the 3,3/8" side at 1/2"and 2 7/8" (or 1/2" from both ends)
Score on the 3,5"side at : 1/2, 1 1/2", 2"and 3"

Burnish your scorelines and notch as show in pattern/video
Glue your box together and place your magnets, with or without the little round magnets to hold them in place.

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