Sunday 12 August 2018

14 new inkblending recipes for Versamagic and Oxide inks, with video

I came up with 14 new recipes as I was re stamping my inks in a new swatch list.
I also included the new Oxide inks I got recently.
From the Oxide chart that Mary sent me I matched them to the Versamagic inks. But it being a different paper, the colors might not show up the same on mine, so I re stamped all the Oxide inks on the same paper. This meant I had to make a new chart to accommodate all the inks and I have added more names to colors that I think will match or be a good combo.
Also there's empty bits as I wasn't  sure where I would put really different colors in the chart yet. Picked raspberry is so different from any other Versamagic inks, much like Wilted Violet, or the bright blues, they got a spot and I wrote the names in the chart.

You can find the original reicpes here.

Via messenger on my CardsbyMaaike page you can request the emtpy chart(s)

Swatchlist or recipe list, they are free.

You can then print them on your favorite paper and make your own blends. Please keep in mind my paper is A4 metric, so make sure it fits if you work with Imperial paper.

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