Wednesday 11 November 2020

Christmas Craft Creations - November theme: anything goes but NO cards with video

Christmas Craft Creations - November theme: anything goes but NO cards.

So I made some Christmas Sour cream treats or stocking fillers.
I filmed this in September, so I've used candies I had, still some Easter eggs left too. Didn't like them, cheap fake chocolate ;-)...Anyway these treat things are really easy to make.

I've used 6x6"paper and cut it to 4,5"x6" so it's retangular. The size really doesn't matter, the shape will change or the size. Ilike rectangular pieces as they look the most like those oldfashioned Sour Cream pouches.

I'm using light weight paper, not cardstock, you canofcourse, but then the double sided
tape should be replaced with the hot glue gun, it might not stay glued together if it's heavier card. And as a stocking filler I don't think they need to be made of your precious cardstock. If you use 12x12 you can get 4 out of a sheet, but please use hot glue.

I put tape/glue on the short side and glue that to the other edge, see video.
then I peel one of the longer sides off and push it together, I do pay attention to the seam. then fill it with goodies and peel off that side of tape and turn the pounch 90degrees, so the seam is on an angle to the one before, again, see video, it's really easy, but hard to explain ;-)

I went through my stash of Christmas related embellishments and added a few bit and bobs to spruce them up.

For more information or to play along the Christmas Craft Creations, see this.

Please remember to make it a Christmas themed project and if you want to be in with a chance to win a prize, you should display the monthly badge and link back to the CCC blog.

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