Monday 30 November 2020

colored inkblending handles


The Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge is: Focus on alcohol inks.

Yesterday I made a cool Northenlights or galaxy background for a video coming soon on my Youtube channel. I pulled all the alcohol inks out again to make a similar background. Had to move my inkblending tools out of the way and I wondered, what if...

So I did;-)

What you ask? I colored the wooden handles with alcohol inks, amongst them, indigo, red pepper, summer orange, mermaid, pistachio, honeycomb, don't remember them all, but basically I  matched the foam to the handle. Previously I wrote on the wood with a Sharpie, tried to clean that up as much as possble.

All alcohol inks are from Ranger.

The inks were absorbed by the wood a little, but I basically just dripped the inks on and spread them out with the nozzle. I use the same foam for the same color family, so red,orange, yellow etc.

I thought this was a handy visual help to get the right foams on the right handle, also it looks pretty. The holder was two tiered, but with these new domed cushions, it didn't work so well, took the top one off. I found this old fashioned ( and brown) stamp holder at a thriftstore.

For more information on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, see this.

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