Saturday 16 April 2016

WOW! Melt it powder enamel dots

Two weeks orso ago I saw a video on Youtube from WoW embossingpowders, making rings and embellishments from embossingpowders using an extender medium (melt it powder) which is essentially a very fine clear embossing powder and can be used as such.

I immediately ordered the powder and it came in a few days ago.
Last week Laura Bassen  showed it and made enamel dots with it, which got me more excited than the shaped embellishments,

I've been playing with the Melt it powder for a few days now. As the Wow video shows I tried my heat gun first, but that didn't work for me at all! It might be my heatgun, maybe doesn't get hot enough, but it took ages and my heat gun protested a few times, also the noise of the heatgun really put me off.

Ten I tried a tealight and one of those teapot heaters, also didn't work well, better but took ages, but at least it freed my hands to do other things in the meantime.

Last night in bed I was thinking about solutions, and thought I might use my electrical cooking plate, or hot plate, not sure what you call it.
I've started at a setting between 2 and 3 on the smallest plate and the powder kind of melted immediately, (once the plate is hot ofcourse).
I have one heart mold, the rose and ring blancs are still on their way to  me, but I couldn't wait to share, because I 'm so excited now the powder melts well.

I used three scoops of Melt it powder and just a tiny amount of coloured embossing powder. This is very much a trial and error process as you get very different results with the  ratio you mix.

Most Wow embossing powders are transparent, but some are opaque, giving  you a very different look.

My favorite (so far) is the Cha Cha Cha embossing glitter as it makes, what I think are, fire opals, so gorgeous.

I've also used Mulberry mist, primary lagoon and primary red apple.
But you can also just use the Melt it powder to get transparant dots, like dew drops.

Since the video I've made more, I'm kind of addicted right now ;-)

My tips:
use a hot plate for even heat distrubution.
spread out the powder as much as possible, the thinner the layer the quicker it melts.
pour from as low a height as possible, to get the most perfect rounds.
The aluminium dishes are so light you can't help but tremble, so use both hands.
The aluminium  dishes get very hot, so protect yourself, I used a paper towel as oven mittens were too bulky, I couldn't even lift up the dishes ;-)

If you're unhappy with the result you can reheat and remelt the shapes, but be careful
as you can also burn your powder, I saw a colour change happening with the clear and cha cha cha, it went brown ish...

I guess if you have a Ranger melt pot that will also work. Not sure about clean up.
You can reuse the aluminium dishes.

I used these shallow pie dishes I found as the houseware shop, this pack holds 15 dishes at the same price of 5 Wow Dishes, made more sense to me ;-)

I have about 30 Wow embossing powders so I'll be busy trying them all, but I think I need more Melt it powder already ;-)

Anyway watch my video, I didn't speed it up, so it's a bit longer, but I really wanted you to see how quickly the powder melts and seizes up again.

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