Monday 23 March 2015

Scribbled flowers

Last week Sandy Allnock shared a Youtube video about scribble patterned flowers.
I loved the idea, but ofcourse  I didn' t have that particular stampset.
So I put on my brave shoes, took my black permanent marker (Sharpie) and a acetate full of circle diecuts I made for the various sizes.
Put on a circle where I wanted it and traced the stencil, then set off and scribbled the inner/outer lines, the circle was just a guideline.
I used Bistre/Bister powder to colour the panel as I was asked to try it out by my local craftstore.
I think the colours are very retro and these flowers just go with it, They have that feel of 50/60's?  wallpaper 
the first one with the blue I like the best the other could be oranges or some fruit.
I prefer working with a more controllable medium like water colours, but these were fun to play with ;-) (if you don't mind getting very dirty hands and or clothes). The colours are not as bright as my watercolours.

Thank you Sandy for inspiring me and giving me the confidence to just go for it.

they don't at all look like her fabulous flowers, but that wasn't my intention anyway.
I would never have just taken a Sharpie to paper without pencelling first, but If you trace your pencil line, you'll see it won't be as smooth al ine as I have now.
Kinda chuffed :-D

See Sandy's video here

please watch my video too


  1. Brilliant! Love these! The video is excellent, thank you so much for inspiring me! I really love this:)

    1. thank you for your kind words! it means so much