Monday, 15 August 2016

Candybar treatbox with video

 Another little project on the WRMK Envelope punchboard.

I bought these Nuts 6 pack candy bars. I compared them with Mars and Snickers and although I thought they're all the same there's  differences between them. So this box might not work for other candybars, but you can adjust the size of course.

I measured the candybar and mine is 3",1 1/4"and 3/4".

I entered these measurements in to the Box buster on the Crafty Owl website and followed the directions.

I also found two apps one for boxes and one for envelopes in the app store, not tried the envelope one, but the box one is pretty basic. On the Crafty owl site there's a picture and explanation.

So the directions said I need a piece of paper 4 7/8"square. My first punch and score line is at 2 1/2", then slide over the paper to the 3 5/8" mark and punch and score again.

Rotate paper 180 degrees and repeat steps above.
then rotate the paper (90 degrees) and line up to the existing score line and punch and score, do this for the fourth side too.

Cut and notch the little tabs next to the smallest "flap" on both sides.
Cut one of the big "flaps" triangle shape as small or narrow boxes always leave you with overage.

I like to keep the shortened flaps to the left, I put extra sticky tape on that flap and on the little flaps at the bottom and pointy bit.

Assemble the box, decide if you want to wrap the big flap around the box or if you want to cut it off. I did leave it at first, it looks more interesting/difficult to make, you know if you want to impress people ;-)
I use the grid lines on the  craftmat to make sure the box is squared. Putting the bar inside makes it easier to get it straight too.

I decorated the box with some ribbon and the offcuts.

Remember that straight patterned on your piece of paper will turn out diagonal with the punchboard and those that are diagonal will become straight, might matter depending on your pattern.

In Holland or other metric countries I think all paper pads (not from the USA) are 15cm, 6" is 15.25cm so they're just short and I try to find projects I can make with them.

This box is ideal for party favors, Halloween, back to school, birthdays.
My birthday is a week before Christmas, so I will combine the two and give these out, to Postmen, delivery people, repairmen if needed (hope not) etc.  It really makes their day I found.

 I will try and make one with the score board too, I think you use less paper, but this is easier if you're new to box making and if you have a punch board ofcourse.

scoringboard version, here

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