Wednesday 3 August 2016

Swatching/making swatches for Wow! embossingpowders, with video

This is a result from doing the Ecoline last week ;-).
When I get a pot or a few I do make little heartshaped swatches for the lids, so it's easy to see them in their little drawer.

But now I also made a swatch list for my swatchbook, so when I order new ones or go to a shop I can immediately see if I have it or not, which will prevent duplicates I hope.

I adapted the list a little since the video.
It now is in better alphabetical order and I added a black column. 
As a lot of Wow! embossing powders are transparent or translucent, you can see the effect on a dark (black) card.

Download the list for free here
It's a Word document, and I have added the latest colors I found on the website.

As you cans ee I seem to have quite a lot of them, but as sson as your start filling in the pages (6 of them), you realise you haven't even made a dent in the colors ;-).

I think I might need a few more lol.

I hope you find this helpful and will give it a try.

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