Sunday 23 April 2017

two little square giftboxes out of one sheet of 12x12" paper

The boxes were inspired by my jumbo tealight box, but bigger. Of course you can put anything in it, even in the little tealight one, like earrings or such. I used my necklace to show you.

For the biggest one you need a piece of paper sized 6x11", cut down vertically (with the pattern), cut off 1 inch first, so you could use that strip as a belly band.

Then score on the long side at: 1",5",6", and 10"
On the short side score at"1"and 5  inches.
Cut and notch and fold and reinforce the score lines as shown in video or on pattern.
the patterns are an approximation, not the right size or straight even!

For the medium box you need a piece of paper sized 5"x9", also take not of your pattern.
Score on the long side at: 1", 4",5" and 8".
Score on the short side at: 1"and 4 inches.

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