Monday 3 April 2017

"watercoloring" with your alcohol markers, with video

The other day I was browsing online at Scrapbookdepot and came across this: Copic activator to stamp with your markers. I didn't buy it as I thought it to be blending solution or alcohol, doesn't say, but I reconned that's what gets the dried up marker wet again.
So after I found out my blending solution was empty, I think it evaporated as I didn't close the bottle well enough, I went to get a new one.
I used a Penny Black stamp I bought second hand off Facebook, it's called delicate florals. I'm sure you have similar ones. The key is a semi solid stamp,  meaning filled in areas.
If you look at some petals they're not colored in, it's just the outline,  some other got more blending solution and those filled in, but it you only have an outline image, that's what you'll get, if you knwo what I mean, just a fuzzy line.
I also would suggets to use the bullet nibs, as my brush  nibs kinda got damaged by the rough surface of the stamp. And I don't think it matters as the second one I did with rubbing alcohol looks very similar and I used the bullet nibs on that one, that's when I discovered the brushnibs got a little dented.
I suppose I should have used the Spectrum Noirs, but hey you live and learn.
Anyway I first thought the branch was a Mimosa stamp, but it's not, the example on the package is yellow, which I think reinforced that idea in my head. 
My yellow markers are pretty similar and for the camera I chose to used pinks and purples, so you have two examples in one ;-)

I treated the stamp as if I was coloring in on paper, meaning adding the lightest color all over and then adding shading on the bottom of the flower and a bit of mid tone in the middle, it's a bit hit and miss as you don't see what you're result will be, like you immdediately see on paper.
I found it very exciting...the Christmas! lol...

I put  a small amount of the Spectrum Noir blending solution in a mini spritzer and sprayed the stamp from high up as i wanted a nice mist.
I then stamped onto Schut watercolor paper, leaving the stamp on longer to allow the inks to transfer.
As I lifted up the lid form the Precision Press tool I got really excited! It looks just like a no line watercolored image, but with alcohol markers!

Tried to get a second print, but that was really faded out.

I went to get rubbing alcohol and made another. I think I spritzed on more alchol that with the blending solution, but it works also.
Afterwards I cleaned the stamp with Simon Says Stamp utlra
clean, which worked really well.
I have never done this before, and I'm sure the rubber stamps are sturdy enough, but I'm not sure how clear stamps will hold up. I might have to try it with an inexpensive or old one;-)

Anyway I like this a lot and will now go find more suitable stamps I'm afraid haha

I used a Marianne design stamp , it says with sympathy, or stuff along those lines, I stamped it with Versafine Black Onyx ink and heat set it.

Cut the watercolorpanel to size and mounted it with foamtape to a cardbase.
Added some clear dew drops I had made previously, but some glossy accents on the spot will ofcourse work also.

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