Sunday 7 October 2018

Airwick candle in glass jar box-with video and free pattern

I found these little glass jars from Airwick and I thought they'd make cute little presents, of favors, or hostess gifts, baby shower things enve stocking fillers, all depending on what cardstock you use.I chose to use colors that match the candles, I have found red berries scent, but it's  purple and Orchid wich is pink.

Sadly you can only get one box out of one sheet of 12x12 cardstock, but you can get the lid and the base out of the same sheet.. My blocks from Craft Sensation are double sided, so for the first box I used the "other side"but they do not always match, so I also pulled out solid card that matches and two colors of ribbon, that are the same color but darker for a  pop of color. One would aslo work of course, I just like two and have too much ribbon anyway haha.

OK for the lid you need a piece of card sized 4"1/4 x 4"1/4 (square)
You score on all sides at 1 inch, or 1"and 3'1/4 on both sides.

for the base you need another square piece measuring   6"3/8x 6"3/8
you score on all sides at 2"1/8 or 2"1/8 and 4"1/4, see the video  to see what I mean/do.

Burnish all score lines and cut and notch as indicated on the pattern Glue the lid and base together, I use hot glue.

Finished box measure appr. 2: 1/4 square.

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