Thursday 28 March 2019

Chocolater Easter Eggs treat box with bunny, with video

For the box you need a piece of card sized: 7"x 5"3/8
Score on the long side at: 1"5/8, 3"1/4.4"7/8 and 6"1/2
(making sure the thin line is at the bottom (rotate clockwise)
Score on the short side at: 1:5/8, 3: 1/4 and 4"7/8.
Reinforce all the score lines, cut away what is not needed and cut the fold lines at the bottom.

I use hot glue gun to glue it together,but you can use double sided tape if you prefer.
Decorate the little box to your liking and fill with treats. It willalso hold three tealights if you prefer and many other things I'm sure.
I've used a bit of ribbon to help it stay shut.That's only needed if your cardstock is thin and a bit flimsy.
But it looks nice also if it;s not needed :-)

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