Sunday 24 January 2016

4 boxes for 3 scented tealights from one sheet of 12x12'' or nearly 12x12" paper

I was making these boxes as per a pattern from  with my envelope punchboard. and some were great and others weren't, I kept doubting myself, did I score it properly, did I do this or that?
Then I remeasured my paper, I always just assumed they were all the same 12x12" but I found out they aren't. Some of my papers are from Lawn Fawn, Jillybean and other (imperial) brands, those are fine, some I bought at my local craftstore, and those are probably  made in cm sizes, resulting in papers about 11 7/8 of and inch instead of 12".
I thought that little bit shouldn't matter, but it did!
So I designed a box that still fits 3 tealights and you can still get 4 from a sheet, you even have a bit left over, but you'll have to make them with a scoreboard instead.

On the same day I found out that my metal ruler that has both cm and inches on it, isn't divided properly. The inches are the right size, but they've been divided up in 10 notches and not 8 or 16! No wonder I always mess things up!
I try to work in inches, altough very difficult for me (as a metric person) as my scoreboard just works better in  inches, the scorelines in centimeters don't line up well, or at all.
So I would measure an item with my ruler and count the notches, say 4 down from an inch, but as the inch isn't divided properly it wouldn't translate to the scoreboard or envelope punchboard, driving me slightly insane to be honest....

Weird eh how you just assume things to be right? I mean I bought this ruler somewehre trusting it to be right...

Anyway I will order a Tim Holtz Ruler as soon as I'm able as I find my T square ruler a bit flimsy, I'm scared to break it. I can be assured an Amercian brand ruler is ok! and I like the Tim Holtz one as it had punch holes in it too, which should look cool on a card I think

Ok back to the box. You'll  need a piece of paper, solid or patterned  of 5"7/8 by 4"7/8

On the long side you score it at 5/8"of an inch, then turn the card 180 degrees and score that again at 5/8" this is a must as you'll see the first scoreline is now in between two scorelines and the box wouldn't end up symmetric.
then turn your card 90 degrees and score on the short side at:
5/8", 2" 1/8, 2" 3/4 and 4"1/4
burnish all scorelines and then cut all the little scorelines on either side as the photo indicates.
put glue, tape, gluedots on the little square tabs and stick your box together.
I start with the bottom and fold the lid around the bottom.
the bits left over from dividing hte 12x12 paper can be used to make the belly band or cigar band, the width is variable the length should be 6" so you can get at least 2 belly bands.
I like to mix up solid boxes with patterned bands or patterened boxes with solid bands. Then I decorate with different die cut sentiments and embellishments, even an envelope punchboard ribbon. Only your imagination is the limit, not the sky ;-)
If you can think it up, you can make it!

the pattern above was drawn on centimeter gridded paper, don't pay attention to that, just follow the instructions and if you want redraw it on plain paper or paper with inch grids, this might not be accurate because of the cm.

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