Thursday 14 January 2016

Cas Colours & Sketches Challenge #156

Cas Colours & Sketches challenge #156

Thank you again CC&S for having me as a guest designer the whole month.
For my card I made a panel narrower than the card base as the sketch indicates (two grey borders, i left mine white)
For the focal point I  made a mask with an oval die and then sponged a sunset into it.
I’ve used Distress inks for it (wilted violet, picked raspberry, ripe persimmons, mustard seed and for the sea chipped sapphire over the mustard seed)

I then removed the mask to  reveal the sunset.
On hindsight I wish I hadn’t sponged the blue on, blue and yellow, of course make green and here it went into a greyish greenish hue I don’t like very much, I thought the chipped sapphire would be dark enough to cover the yellow... oh well you live and learn

On the sketch there’s a circle I chose to use a sailboat die cut instead. And I made it black as it’s in front of the sun.

I thought of adding another circle with a
sentiment but I like it this way to be honest and it’s closer to the sketch, although I put the boat on the other side...

I mounted the panel with foamtape.

For more information on the Cas Colours & Sketches challenge #156, see this


  1. Gorgeous striking and appealing. Those colours zing and while you might not like the result at the bottom I think it is perfect it provides a sea for your little yacht. XOXO

  2. I LOVE this!! It's such a happy card reminding me of vacations in Key Largo looking at the sunset. Awesome job. I'm so glad that you're our guest designer this month. Liz x

  3. Maaike, this is gorgeous! So clean and simple and I love the colours you chose. It's a very striking card - fab! Caro x

  4. We're always so hard on ourselves whrn thiongs don't turn out quite as we envisaged, but to me this card looks like perfection. Stunning vivid and striking colours which showcase the black boat beautifully.

  5. Oh my goodness this sunset is gorgeous! And it really pops the sailboat silhouette. Wonderful card!

  6. Your sunset sky is stunning! I think the way the sea turned out goes well with the idea of the sun going down and darkness falling. It's a terrific card!

  7. Oh no! Can't believe I missed out commenting on last week's cards! So sorry. This sunset is gorgeous, such deep, warming colours for a chilly winter day. Beautiful Maaike.
    Louise xx

  8. Gorgeous, vibrant sunset. I like the colour of your sea. In nature, it reflects the colour of the sky and so it does appear to be very dark as the sun goes down. Stef x