Wednesday 11 May 2016

Butterfly pendant with Wow melt-it powder

The Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge is: emboss it.
I first was thinking, dry, heat, paste embossing, but then took a different turn.

Yesterday I saw the video from Wow on their Youtube channel, making Christmas decorations.

I took that idea and ran with it as fast as I my craft table ;-)

I only had enough Melt-it powder left to do this one pendant, but I ordered more and once it arrives, there will be no stopping me ;-) Shame I didn't see this before mother's day, but my mum's birthday is the 22nd, so....:-)
I need a doggie cookie cutter as she loves dogs.

Anyway I melted the Melt-it powder with  no other embossing powder in it, so clear(ish).
I covered the inside of my metal butterfly cookie cutter with Versamark, so the shape would release, once cooled off.

I melt my powder in aluminium dishes on a hotplate, but it should also work with your heatgun and if you have it a Ranger melting pot. My heatgun doesn't get hot enough and it takes ages and is super noisy, I'm not a patient person in these cases.

So once melted I poured it into the cookie cutter and let it cool.
Meanwhile I looked for solid bold stamps, I think these work best (I haven't tried the outlined ones, but I can see they wouldn't translate well to the shape).

I chose Simon Says Stamp birthday balloons set as it has a few nice small solid stars. 
With Versamark I stamped them on the back of the butterfly (it's slippery) and sprinkled on Wow embossing glitter (Florida sunset) and then heatset with my heatgun as you would normally do.

Casting the shape onto a non stick cookie sheet left the imprint of the sheet (bit like linnen) but reheating the shape made it all smooth.

I had a few edges from pouring and I melted those away with my heat gun too.

With a drill bit I made a hole in one of the wings and made a necklace pendant out of it.

So cool!

For more information on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, see this.


  1. Such a pretty butterfly and necklace Maaike, well done you :) Viv xx

  2. such a cute idea! makes it perfect for a gift!

    Thank you for playing along with us over the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!
    Hugs Zoey