Tuesday 14 November 2017

2-4 treat boxes for mini candy bars, with video

Today I'm making a box that is glued shut, and measures 3x3x1 inches.
It's like a cereal box I'd say but smaller and it fits 4 mini candy bars: Smarties, Milky way, Bros and  Snickers.
I think these treats are quite mainstream, but might vary per country, so you can fit anything you like in this box, in the video I suggest soap or a homemade cookie (wrapped in wax paper), but  anything goes ;-).

For the box you'll need a piece of paper 8 1/2 x 5 inches. In our metric size my paper is 81/4 also works, but if you're going to cut up your 8,5"x11"paper keep it at 8,5"!
You can get 2 out of one full sheet.

On the long side score at: 1",4",5"and 8".
On the short side score at: 1"and 4"

See the pattern for which bits need to be cut off, burnish your scorelines.
I use a hot glue gun for put  my boxed together, bit of wiggle time, but glued shut in place in seconds, much easier than liquid glue or double sided tape.
But be careful I burn myself quite often, especially on those small tabs.

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