Sunday 12 November 2017

Mini candy bar treat boxes 1-4: mini kit kat, with video

A while ago I wanted to make a treat box for a full size Lion candy bar, but I ate it before I did ;-) Hadn't had one in years and oh man it was so nice.
So now I bought two bags of mini treats with Lions,Rolo, Kit-kats, Snickers, Mars and such and I will be making 4 different boxes to fit those treats.

Today I'm starting with a simple small box for two Kit Kat mini treats.

For this box you'll need a  piece of card that is 5 1/2"x 51/2".
Make sure your pattern is upright on you scoring board.

the score at 1 5/8', 2 1/2", 4 1/8" and 5".
Turn the paper and score at:
7/8", 3 7/8",  and 4 3/4".

You'll have to cut away some bits,  see the pattern with the ///// to see which bits.
Burnish your scorelines then notch where indicated on the pattern and use glue or gluegun to put it together.

If you want you can put a thumb notch in the top with a hole punch.

The treat fit in there snuggly, you'll have to scrunch the end bits a little, but it will fit and this way you can get 4 out of one sheet of 12x12" paper :-D

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  1. Handig en leuk zo'n doosje Maaike.
    Op voor je het weet...zo herkenbaar, had ook een zak gekocht voor St. Maarten en heb van alles 'even geproefd'....hahaha.