Saturday 3 February 2018

2000 subscribers on Youtube video/blog hop

I've teamed up with some brilliantly creative ladies to celebrate this milestone.
We're all smaller channels on YouTube and I invited them to help promote them and myself of course.
At first I wanted to do  this at 2500, seeing 1000 celebration has just passed, but due to changes in the YouTube policy there was a sense of urgency.
YouTube has decided if you don't enough views in a set amount of time, you can;t make any  money with your videos anymore.
Now I will be brutally honest and say in the last 3 years I had 3 payments of 70 euro or dollar, I'm not sure, peanuts, but still greatly appreciated as I use this money for these giveaways.
To make a video takes hours to film, edit, upload, and that's without coming up with the ideas, working it out in your head or on try out sessions, without an hourly salary.
I put out 3 videos a week and it does take a lot of commitment and frankly I do it for my faithful viewers.
I don;t get endorsed by companies, not do I get paid otherwise, so if this money were to disappear, so will my and lots of other channels and I don;t really want to quit, but I feel we're not given other options.

So please go and hop along and support these super nice and fabulously creative ladies, like, comment, share to help us get our minimum quota.
I feel bad I have to beg almost, but it's so important I feel I must.

On to the hop and the giveaway.
I have a few prizes up for grabs, you can see them in the video.
If you're a subscriber and you comment on the video, you will have a chance to win one of said prizes, I will draw these at random, so this time you can't choose.

The giveaway is open for 48 hours. We ladies will all choose our winner(s) on Monday.
Once I have received all winners from the other blogs, I will post a video on Tuesday (February 6th). the winners will then have another 48 hours to claim their prize, otherwise others will be chosen, they will then also have 48 hours, so make sure you're available/reachable.

Maaike UIjthoven    
Karen Hasheck

Mary Polanco
Charlotte Ehrukainen 

Jasmine Burgess              
Gerry’s craft room 

Uniquepaper 15


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