Thursday 8 February 2018

Metric card (a6) keepsake box, with video and pattern and all

Tuesday I posted the Imperial card version, today I made a metric box, but converted back to inches for the Scoringtools.
So there's a little discrepancy, but I don't mind that.
Also I scored it wrong in the video, so I had to remedy, but if you follow the sizes below and pattern, your box should be 2 inches wide.

So again you need to pieces of 12x12" cardstock. Again you can use solid colors and embellish with (scraps) patterned paper.

For the lid your cardstock should be: 10" 3/4 x 6".
For the bottom your cardstock should be 10"1/2 x 11"1/4.

To score the bottom score on short side (10"1/2) at: 2 inches, then turn paper 180degrees and score at 2" again, so 2" from either edge Or 2"and 8"1/2)
Then turn the card and score on the long side at: 4"5/8 and 6" 5/8.

For the lid score on the long side at 2" from either side (or 2"and 8"3.4) and on the short side score at 2 and 4 inches.

Burnish the score lines and notch as indicated on pattern.
To glue it together follow the steps in video, to you get a nice and flush inside.

Again I messed up the scoring so I had to improvise , you can ignore all that ;-)

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