Tuesday, 6 February 2018

US A2 cards keepsake box, with video and pattern and all that

I had to look up the measurements for envelopes, so you can make a card pack gift.
I did allow about a 16th of an inch of wiggle room. If you make please let me know if it all fits.

I'm also doing a metric version on Thursday.

For this lidded box you need two pieces of paper.
Lid: 10"1/4 wide and 6" tall
Bottom: 11"1/4 wide and 10" tall.
See flowers on pattern for direction of how to cut paper, if your pattern is directional.

For the bottom score on the 11"1/4 (long side) side at: 2"and 8" and on the short side at: 4"5/8 and 6"5/8

For the lid score on the long side at: 2"and 8"1/4 and on the short side at 2"and 4"

Burnish all your scoreline and notch as indicated.

To glue it with a flush inside please see video, it's hard to explain.

I've used patterned paper, but you could use solid/plain paper and decorate with strips of (scraps) patterned paper, I just prefer this clean look.
You can also add flowers and other embellishments, I just added ribbon.
Again it's all up to your taste and imagination, the video is there for the box, not how to embellish it.

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  1. I really appreciate all the work you do to make these videos for us. I know I will be making this box many times because I do give lots of cards as gifts. My neighbor would be very disappointed if she didn't get a gift of cards for her birthday and Christmas! I usually just tie a ribbon around them to give her, but this will be much nicer. Thank you.