Monday 17 October 2016

Halloween and Christmas treats

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge is all about gift bax and boxes.

Now earlier this week I saw a video from My Favorite Things where she made this type of lip balm holder booklet thing.
She attached the lipbalm with washi tape. I didn't like that and instantly thought of a better way to do it if you don't like the washit tape either, otherwise her design is superb and a great idea.

I started with the Christmas one and some old patterned paper I had as I I wanted to
cover up the spine of the "book", you can see the lipbalm peeking out on the Halloween one. In hindsight that wasn't the best idea as you only have limited space to add glue and so it looks like it's loose and it's not.

I started with white cardstock as I had the Distress inkblending in mind, so after I finished the Christmas one I did a candy corn like inkblending with ripe persimmons, wild honey and mustard seed. I then went over the bottom two colors again with ripe persimmon as I didn't like the wild honey after all...I feel I'm being extra critical today ;-)

Anyway to make it you use a piece of paper sized: 6"x 3,5inches
you score on the long side at 2"3/8, 3"and 3"5/8.
Reinforce the score lines, then fold in half, Make two cuts in the middle from one score line to the other , and a smaller cut on the top and bottom, say half the size, It's not
really important, just smaller.

Fold the cut bits inwards, start in the middle, insert lipbalm or candy and then secure with the outer slits.

I punched small holes so I could tie the booklet with bakwers twine red and white and orange and white. Added a little silver jingle bell on the christmas one.

I did the stamping before scoring on my Halloween one as it was a big foam stamp I
was given last year.
if you use smaller stamps and or patterned paper, then you can do it when you like.

For more information on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, see this

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  1. This is very clever! I love how you made the whole thing by your own. Thank you for joining uas at SSS Monday Challenge! Hugs, Macarena.