Tuesday, 19 December 2017

C.C. Designs digi Reindeer games and Decotime markers, with video

Today I'm still colloring C.C Designs digis, this time Reindeer games with Decotime Markers. I believe all the digis are also available as (rubber) stamps.
Digis are a bit easier if you live outside the USA, no shipping and no waiting time or customs.:-D

The Decotime markers average at about 35cents per marker and I got them at Action. No refills, but I wouldn;t expect it for that price. Lovely range, not many brown or skin colors though. Lots of greens and blues.
So I chose my digi strategically ;-) No boys and or girls in this one ...
I also show you how I swatched the  markers. the 24 boxes sais new colors, but the coding/name/numbers were the same, but the colors in the markers were a little different,  not for all of them though. Some are really close to each other, so gives you more shading options, which is good. I marked the new markes ( I think the new ones) with Washi tape and colored those on the left side, so I can identify them.
I like their bullit nibs, they're very hard and tend to streak, so you have to go over the whole bit again, but even it out not just where you're shading, but you soon learn.

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