Sunday 3 December 2017

Everyday Christmas card series #25, ultra thick glitter layer experiment, with video

For today's cards I experimented a little.
Also I have learnt 20-24 hours is not enough drying time ;-).

For my card I started by making a thick mask, from cardstock. I don't have the right shape rectangles, but if you do, please used those.

In hindsight, I might not have needed the mask at all, but you live and learn.

For my really thick glitter layer I used Ranger texture paste trasnparent gloss and all sorts of chunky glitter and star confetti. I made three colors in the video and then made some more afterwards, to see if diecutting first works and spreading the paste on without a rim works.

And yes for these 6 cards I used the whole jar of 3fl oz. oops...but I thoguht worth it. Also I found my open jar goes a bit lumpy after a while, so best to use it up :-D

On the second three cards (not in the video) I just spread it, like a sandwich and I diecut the shapes first.
You  need quite a thick card to absorb all the moisture and you'll also need a lot of patience, as mine weren't completely dry after 24 hours. the second batch I left for 48 or more.
I must say the result is glorious and quite heavy, but lovely and shimmery and colorful. No way anyone will have the same paper, if you could buy this one as a patterned paper that it ....
Try it, be patient and amaze yourself!

The blue card has some finer Distres glitter in it (peacock feathers), but I wuld advise to use chunky, looks much cooler.

The words are from Sizzix (I bought them second hand, not sure they're still available #660057) I would suggest you used something that is bolder in design to compete with the busy background, a dainty little die cut won't even show up, even in black, see video.

All the work to make the frame and then I matted the panels so I could wrap the sentment around them, and to neaten them up as I had some seepage. That's were the idea came from to just spread it on a sized panel, and that worked just as well, it's even easier and faster.

One I adorned with a tree from Uniko and the other I left as a star, the last one I'm not sure how to finish it  just yet.


  1. I can see cutting out a star shape and using it as a stencil like you used the rectangle. You do such great work.

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