Thursday 21 December 2017

C.C. designs reindeer game digi with Sta aquarelle markers, with video

All the other 3 videos I did on Crafter's Companion Neenah paper, but these are waterbased and after testing them a little I found they peeled the paper really quickly. If you do one pass it's fine, but that wouldn't allow any shading.
So I tried them on Bristol Smooth paper and that worked better. The markers work best on hot pressed watercolor paper, but I'm not sure my 140lbs/300grams paper will go through my printer...bit scared of that ;-).
I had also never printed on Bristol paper and wasn't sure how it would come out as the paper is coated, will it take my printer's ink? It did, so phew and that paper is 100lbs/180grams I think.

I got the 24 set of Sta markers from Ali Express, they're also available  on Amazon. but more expensive and no free delivery. It thought the 12 set was a bit small but the 80 set was too much to test them. I rather like them so I might go back to get the 80 set :-D.

Please consider that the links were active on the time of writing this blog, if they no longer work, it's because of the turn around speed on both websites, just do a search for Sta markers and they will pop up again.

There's a bullet nib and a brush  nib on, no color  names and no indication of which nib is where, but I don't mind for that price. Also the brush nibs are felt rather that actual brushes like the other markers I've tested, and they're quite hard on first use, but they soon soften p and the nib gets a little less precise. Much like the Spectrum Aqua  markers.

But I like them, they do have a bit of a learning curve and I think a bigger set would have given me more blending choices, but I  made it work ;-) BUT I would def suggest watercolor paper and not to use water or the Dove blender pen, although they work to wash ot the color you will always see where you've put down the ink originally, so use marker to marker is my best tip for today ..

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