Thursday, 28 December 2017

Textured giftbox, Valentine's box, with video

I was playing with embossing folders today and experimenting if I could use them in a box, Turns out you can.
I cut my paper to fit exactly in the folder and it was5"x 7" but 5"x6.5" is plenty.

You should emboss your paper before scoring.

You score on the long side at:
1.5, 3", 4.5 and 6"
You score on the short side at:
1.5, 3"and 4.5 inches.

Then cut away bits as shown in the pattern. In the video I did two versions, but I made a pattern only of my favorite closure. I lost a bit of footage, so this explains it best.

Put glue on the little tabs and bottom pieces, fold in the lid.
Tie with ribbon and decorate if you'd like.

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