Sunday 18 November 2018

no glue Treat Triangles for tea and After Eight mints, with video and free pattern

Today's giftbox was heavily inspired by one from Pootles Papercrafts, but I've changed the size to fit my treats better and to fit on my cardstock better, but I loved her idea, and I've linked here above, so go check it out.

For my little box you need a piece of cardstock 4,1/2"high and 7"wide.
The finished box is 21/2"square and  about 1 1/2"wide at the bottom.
You score on the long side a: 21/2", 5"and 61/4".
on the short side at 1" from either side.

fold and burnish the score lines, remove bits as shown on the pattern.
Round the corners if you like, it makes closing the little boxes a bit easier, also looks nicer.
Add ribbon and or embellishments as you see fit.

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