Sunday 29 July 2018

diy glitter rulers, with video

I was at the supermarket last week and saw a fabulous glittered ruler, with teal paper (bottom one). I have really cheap rulers from Wibra and at 50cent each I thought I should try and pimp them up.

My rulers have a dip in the centre, so perfect to fill with things.
I've used black glitter card on one, like the one I bought, and the others are made with loose glitter...very messy, but so cool.
In the video I didn't but I made more and I used painters tape to protect the rulers outside the dip...not sure why I didn't think of it from the start, except that I thought I would be more precise.
For my glue I used Creapodge ( a kind of Modge podge) and Glossy Accents. I prefer the Glossy accents to the Creapodge, but you might have better glues. I don't think Multi Medium  Matte is a good idea if you want shiny glitter, cos it will matte them down.

The process is simple, I  made a dam on each side, so the glue wouldn't run off and then filled the dip with the liquid glue and sprinkled glitter on top, pressing it in, then letting it dry over night. And to be sure I added a top coat of Creapodge to seal in all the glitter after I brushed off every bit that was loose. But the glitter that stuck was stuck pretty well, I don;t think you really need a topcoat, except with the paper centre, to protect it.

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