Saturday 6 August 2022

How I choose my Copic blends, easy fast and headache free everytime, with video


If you want to download the photos to make your own, click on them to open, then rightclick and choose open in new tab or window, then to got that tab or window, click on it, if you see a magnifying glass with a + click again to get the biggest size photo, then richtclick and choose save as....somewhere on your pc, rename it if that's easier.

Now it's just a draft with my handwriting, it will be good for a few years until the colors fade, esp if you leave them in the sun, it will be faster in degrading.

As I need a new one, I will probably make an Excel or Spreadsheet and type all the blends properly, but it works for me.

I cut strips from the Perfect Coloring paper from Copic and stick them onto sturdy cardstock, then write down the blends from Light to darkest from left to right and color next to it.

This is just my way as I am left handed I suppose it makes sense, but you do what works for you.

The idea is, as you can see in the video, If I need any color combination I can just pick and choose from what I know already works.

I have a Kallax on wheels next to my desk, it fits the Spectrum Noir Ultimate Storage trays on both sides, so I use the upper 2 levels of my 3 level kallax as  it's easier, down on floor level s hard to read the caps for me, so It houses a box for my cats instead.

I pick my markers, color and put them back in their place. For me it's less work to pull them back out again, than when I have 30 or more markers on my desk, I find that harder to put back in place. I don't mind pulling them out again, but usually I don't need to. But again you do what works for you, I have a really small desk now and I like to keep it as tidy as possible.

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