Sunday 22 October 2017

Emptying the project bin, with video

I have a bin I put cards in, usually I'm not too happy with, or I didn't finish, or I don't know how to finish just yet. But once in a while I go through the bin, I trash  stuff I still don't like, or gift it/donate it to people who do.

Others might just be unfinished, like ,my purple roses I ran out of color in my ice cube trays. I do take coloring things to my volunteering work as sometimes it';s really, really quiet and I pass time coloring, again those add to the pile.

I recently ordered a bunch of enamel dots from Ali Express and although small sheets, they are only 75 euro cents, like 90 dollar cents, compared to 4-5 dollar I think it's good value and I esp love the ones with glitter, of course ;-) And I did go back to order all the other colors and some with heartshapes

So i make piles with the ones that are colored, ones that need finishing and start pulling them together into cards.
I did stamp the sentiments last night, but I forgot to record that bit, making a decision on what kind of card it will be is usually the biggest hurdle for me.

Some cards have smudges and inky things so I try to erase them, if that doesn't work I add some of enamel dots and or rhinestones.

Where needed a bit of washitape and foamtape, but mostly simple layers with tape runner.

I hope this will inspire you to go through your unfinished or rejected work and do something with it :-D

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  1. You've inspired me to go thru my bins. Yes, I said bins. I'm finishing them or tossing them!