Thursday 26 October 2017

Halloween or Christmas treat bags, Scoringboard project with video

 I made the Christmas one for a SimoN Says Stamp Monday Challenge a while back, but I also wanted to share how I did them in a video, just in time for Halloween.
But they're equally fabulous for any other occasion of course, like a wedding favor,  school treats, party favors, baby shower, just adapt the paper to the occasion en voilá!

I don't have the Lawn Fawn die and frankly with my scoringboard I can do more, different sizes and projects.
I also don;t know the size of the Lawn Fawn bag, but I made mine to get 2 out of one sheet of 12"12 card.

You need a piece of paper that is 6"x12".
You can make it taller, but 6" is the width of my Big Shot if you want to diecut out the "handles", I used a small rectangle shaped die with rounded corners.

Score on the long side at: 2", 5", 7"and 10" then on the short side at 2"only.
Burnish your scorelines, then cut the bottom and notch them slightly.

I used a hole punch to make 4 holes and  then fed some silver ribbon through it, and tied it together.
You can also just stample the ribbon to the bag and or hot glue the ribbon also.
My hole punch is a little big and the smaller one was too tiny to feed ribbon trhough, maybe bakerstwine would have been better, but hey, you live and learn.

I use hot glue to put  my boxes and treatbags together, it's faster and more secure than tape or liquid glue, but you can
use anything you like ;-)

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