Thursday 19 October 2017

Memento Ink blending recipes, with video

I made recipes for Distress inks about a year ago, or a bit longer. Today I thought I should do the same for Memento inks. As I blend with them quite often it would be handy to have a view of the recipes I came up with, rather than reinventing the same recipes over and over.
So I looked at my color chart and picked colors I thought would go well together. Some didn't work as well, but most of them are OK, if not super.
I had four colos of  ink left after I made all the strips I had thought of and, well, I had to include those four too, right?

To make the cards, I cut up a sheet of paper (in this case old logo paper from a company I was given), not my regular cardstock, and it doesn't blend as well, but well enough for this.
I mean these are just to give you/me an idea, I won't be using these on a card!

I cut 3cm strips, a little over 2 inch as our paper is 21cm, so it would give me 14 swatches out of one sheet.

Then I started the inkblending, most are with three, some have four colors, so some swatches have a white bit at the bottom, feel free to inkblend all of the strips if you want.
My hands are aching now, so I hope you can still read my rheumatic handwriting ;-)
If you prefer you could print the ink names and then attach the swatches, but I found it hard to position it.

My scanner has made high contrast scans, that's not how my inkblending looks!, but again, it's just for reference, I would urge you to  make your own, if you're interested.

Remember Memento reacts with water, much like the Distress inks. the smooth out wonderfully, better than Distress inks to be honest.
If you're new to stamping and need good stamping inks and blending ink and can't buy both, get these first ;-)

I haven't tried them as watercolors yet, not sure if they'd work for that, we'll see.


  1. Hi Maaike, precies wat ik zocht! Wat een superfijne blogpost is dit! Ik ben wat zoekende als het gaat om blending- achtergronden maken voor kaarten. Nu heb ik best al een aardig voorraadje Dew drops van memento, dus daar wil ik het mee gaan proberen. Mag ik je vragen welk papier je aanraadt te gebruiken? Waarop mengen de kleuren goed? Groetjes, Linda